>Trains, Planes and Automobiles (oh yeah, and a boat)

>I’m going tall ship sailing with the Jubilee Sailing Trust again in June and I am extremely excited and wish I was going right now.

I’m going on Tenacious which is the sister ship to the one I sailed on last year (Lord Nelson) and I’m going to be on the boat for 8 days. We will sail from Liverpool to Oban (Scotland). I assume we will take in at least one port on the way and my money is on Ireland as I know you can sail from Ireland to Liverpool and vice versa but I’m not getting my hopes up and having another sailing experience is more than enough!
We leave Liverpool on the Sunday but I will get the train up either the day before or the day before that I’m not sure yet as trains can’t be booked this early according to Virgin Trains. I hope to be able to go and see the Cavern and/or The Beatles story if I have time before I board the boat but I’m not sure as Liverpool is renown for it’s cobble stones and my castors are renown for not liking them!

Then the following Monday we get to Oban and I will get the train to Glasgow. I will probably get to Glasgow early evening (I assume we will disembark at 1 ish and it’s a four hour train trip) and have a couple of nights in a hotel and the chance to do a bit of site seeing. I fly back on the Wednesday night to Luton for the ridiculously cheap price of £7.99 plus £15 tax and Dad will pick me and drive me back.

I guess you could say that this trip is going to mainly about modes of transport!

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