>On my 101 in 1001 list (see link under pages in the sidebar), one of the things I have down to do is finish my planned favourite writings project – to print out and scrapbook copies of some poems and other writings that I love and/or find inspirational. And I’ve just been playing with photoshop and printing a couple out.

As a part of that I went onto one of my favourite websites which hosts a huge collection of disability related poetry and stories to get copies of one or two I couldn’t find and there were several I wanted to share here tonight but I decided this one as it totally sums up my views.


Some say I am disabled,
But you know that isn’t true.
I simply have a challenge
A little different from you.

My slight inconvenience, has taught me
Things they could not know.
Each obstacle is a victory,
Enabling me to grow.

I’m not really any different,
I cry, I laugh, I snore.
I don’t want to be treated
As if I’m not a person anymore.

Out of good intentions,
People are afraid to let me try.
But sometimes I have to fall,
And sometimes I need to cry.

God gives me strength and dignity,
And the courage to be all I can be.
For He doesn’t see me as disabled,
He just sees me as me.

Leslie W Ortega

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