>Lots of links, again

>Some links I wanted to share.

For Want of a Word.  Steve shares his thoughts on a talk he did about self-advocacy and shares a wonderful anecdote about Prince Charles which really made me think.

Kay has some pretty funny pictures on disability.

It’s probably really wrong of me but I do find this article from Ouch! kind of funny. It’s one of those you’ve just got to laugh things…

One Million for Disability.  Funky Mango shares a link to a petition to improve the lives of disabled people and combat discrimination within the EU and explains it far better than I ever could.  Did you know that the EU must respond to a call from at least 1 million citizens?  Or if you just want to sign the petition, the link is here.

On the One Million for Disability website I especially like the Adopt a Disability Attitude page.  Particularly the bit at the bottom where it says:

A pinch of knowledge,

two spoons of awareness,

and a handful of simple actions,

are the ingredients of a very successful

“Disability Attitude”

Finally, a link that I have been meaning to post here for a while.  Scope, the UK based charity for people with CP are running a campaign to defend the human rights of disabled children in the light of the recent revelations about the Ashley Treatment.  You can sign the petition here.

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