>Ticker Time!

>I’ve not been talking about it here lately other than in a couple of locked posts for me only but I’ve been continuing my attempts at losing weight. I decided not to share much about it here as I got recommitted in the last month or so because so many times I have blogged about the wish and lost it and not managed it. Blogging for myself helped me to realise a few things which helped with the loss I think.
And this morning I weighed myself and thought “cool I’ve lost another few pounds”. Then this evening I sat down and thought about my progress and realised exactly how much weight I’ve lost in total – 12lb!

I really can’t believe I’ve shifted that much weight this year – I know it is nearly the end of March and it doesn’t sound a lot BUT my goal is to lose 51lb and if I keep losing at this rate I can do that this year!

[Description of the Image: It’s a weightloss ticker from 3fatchicks.com and at the top it says www.3fatchicks.com – Best diet support online in black. The ticker is a long line being held by two chicks one at each end, facing each other. The left end has my starting weight (205lb) and the other end has my goal weight (154lb) in green there are various marks on the line and there is one which has a bright pink pig on that in my opinion looks a little angry. That pig is on a line saying 193lb which is to show my current weight. Underneath it says 12 lb lost. 39 lb to go. Keep going!

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