>What is, and is not, a toy

>Dear you,

It appears that the following wasn’t 100% clear to some people so let me reiterate it:

When we tell people who are waiting to be seen that we have a few toys for their kids to play with, we mean the ones in the toybox. We do not now, nor have we ever, meant the computers, panic alarms, mousemats, the advisers bodies and clothes, the doors, the donations boxes or MY ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR.

I know I’m not using my chair in the bureau and it’s just behind the reception desk but that still doesn’t mean that it’s a toy. Also given the fact that your child is about two I hope you realise that my powerchair weighs about eleven stone (154lb) and that if they manage to turn it on they are going to do some serious (if not fatal) damage to themselves.
And also I think this wasn’t made clear: you are responsible for your kids and you have to watch them. Watching them pull at my top and my boobs and giving them evils when i pull their hands off of me, seeing them break one of the donation boxes and tell them they are very naughty but letting them keep going is totally not what we meant by being responsible and watching them.

As for letting them look at my electric wheelchair while you read some leaflets, that’s just about ok because kids get curious. Letting her get so curious that she messed with my footplates and armrests and PULLED THE JOYSTICK OFF. Well that’s even worse. My equipment is my legs and had it been actually broken I would have been stranded at work unable to move.
Just be very very grateful that I didn’t realise your brat had actually done more than look at the chair before you left the bureau. Because you do not want to see me as angry as i was at that point in time. And also be even more grateful that I don’t have my new chair yet. Because that would have made me even more angry.

Let us hope we never meet again,


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