>Reasons to smile


  • Hairdye
  • Yummy Healthy dinner
  • People who get “it”
  • Someone I don’t know other than because he works in a shop I go in a couple of times a week noticing my new chair and telling me he liked it
  • My iPod
  • I did some things I’ve been putting off
  • Time with Sophie
  • Sophie said I look thinner!
  • Warmer weather
  • (mostly) Brighter days
  • I went to the theatre to see Chicago last week and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack today.
  • My mum got into the theatre for free because of my CP so we split the cost of my ticket
  • My friend Sam and I have tickets to go to the theatre in London and see Equus in April.
  • We got top price tickets for that for the price of the lowest price tickets because of my chair and we didn’t have to pay booking fee.  Plus the wheelchair space is practically the best seat in the house.  RESULT!
  • Wheaties
  • Email from my brother
  • Knitting

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