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>Bureau Bookcase Bashing

>Well, I would like to say that I love the Jazzy and I’m getting on great with it.



I would.



I really would.



Unfortunately, I can’t.

I do mostly love the Jazzy. But I did have a moment of “argh give me my old chair back” earlier. And I am getting the hang of steering it with the midwheel drive.

However we then come to the fact that I used it to get to the bureau on Monday and that was difficult but actually not as bad as I anticipated. I used it to get there again today.

And then we must face the sad fact that I managed to crash my chair into a bookcase there today and break said bookcase, almost set off a fire extinguisher and bash up my supervisors hand.

The bureau is dead small and pretty crowded and the turns are doable but pretty damn tight. It is wheelchair friendly but could be a damn sight more wheelchair friendly just by losing a load of the crap in there. But I was still absolutely mortified to go breaking a bookcase.

But I don’t think I can say I love the Jazzy and I’m getting on well with it. Much as I would love too.

Still, I managed to keep from screaming at one of the other workers when they started telling me my spatial awareness issues aren’t CP but because I’m a woman and also if I could be positioned in my chair so I could see the wheels I wouldn’t have any problem! I get some bonus good wheelchair using points for that, right?

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