>No :-(

>Borders are planning to close all of their UK stores. I love Borders, it’s like my mecca or something and i can literally spend two hours in there so this is very very sad news to me. And also when/if the Oxford store closes where, exactly, am I going to find a decent disabled loo to use other than there?! Actually, pretty much the only reason I go to Oxford is either to go to Borders or to go to the theatre. But do they not realise that when we go to the theatre we always go early and pop in for a browse and a loo break.

I really, really hope this doesn’t happen before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released. Because they are having a midnight launch party with owls and magicians and fancy dress and me and Sophie are going.

This pretty much means the only bookseller chain left (just books I mean) will be waterstones. I no longer feel love for waterstones, borders has enlightened me to a different way of doing things.

Damn you, amazon, damn you!

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