>I got a Thinking Blogger Award!


Kathryn nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award which is really cool and I am so touched and excited to be included in such a group. I’ve been reading some posts with nominees in for the last few weeks. Reading them and thinking that it’s a cool idea but I would never be one. Now I am, which is weird. So thank you Kathryn, and you rock too!

According to the rules I now have to nominate 5 fellow bloggers who make me think and they can’t be people who have been nominated before. That makes things a little tricky as some of the people I would have chosen already have the awards but here we go…

From Where I’m Sitting. Tokah’s blog is one that everytime I go to I think “I must add this to my blogroll” and I’ve finally done it. She has a similar taste in books to me and a talent for writing reviews which make me desperate to read the books. Also reading her take on her life in a chair I’m here agreeing with a lot of it and assimilating a new perspective from that.

Go Forth And…. Chana has a beautiful soul, an amazing way with words and is a great internet friend I am lucky to have met. Just lately she has been pretty sick and most of her posts have been jokes and things to cheer her up. They always cheer me up and make me giggle too. A lot of her older posts make me think and I always feel peaceful and calm and happy after a visit to Chana’s blog.

Scalewhore. I have lurked over on Trish’s blog for so long it’s unbelievable, probably years. I do however intend to comment today and tell her I nominated her (I do… really). Trish has lost and kept off an amazing amount of weight and she is totally honest about how hard it is and her struggles. Reading her inspires me to keep trying and trying and trying again to lose weight.

Arthur’s Mummy Alice is not just Mummy to Arthur too but to Matthew as well – two cute lil boys I love to read about. Her views on life are things that at my age I had never really thought about before coming to her previous diary way back in 2002 ish and I learn something every time I log in.

Funky Mango’s Musings. Funky Mango is a fellow UK based disability blogger who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is but in doing so manages to remind me that there are still good people in the world. And I love the weekly Ten Things We Didn’t Know Last Week lists.

So to those I nominated, enjoy and go nominate five people of your own! (there is a gold version of the tag available at the link above in you prefer but I’m not a fan of gold so I used the silver)

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