>”I’ll be with you in two minutes”

>Well, I wasn’t planning on updating today. But then I logged in to moderate a couple of comments. And the first thing I saw on my site was a picture of my boobs. Yes, they are covered by a top but it’s a form fitting top and all I could think when I saw it was “I cannot leave my boobs as the first thing people see when they log on to my site any longer.”

Today was a fun day with strange coincidences. My sister went and got a tattoo this morning and I was here doing a few bits I needed to get done and a fair amount of knitting. I had a letter to post so I sorted that out and had just picked it up to go to the post box when the phone went “hey can I come round? Cool, I’ll be with you in two minutes”. So I put the letter down again, gulped down some more of my coke and a minute later the door goes – my sister.

Her tattoo is very cool and I am looking forward to getting one next week even more than I was before. She stole my computer for a few minutes, ate my last packet of crisps and I pinched the last of the chocolate she’d bought in Reading. We hung out for a while chatting and laughing for probably half an hour at least, I don’t really know.

Just as she was about to leave a car pulled up into my designated space and I was mouthing off, moaning about the fact that do people not realise that it is 1) private parking and 2) more importantly, disabled parking? Sophie said maybe it was someone come to see me and I laughed and said no – I didn’t recognise the car and it was too early for my carer. I also vaguely muttered dark threats about what i would do if it was my carer coming more than an hour early.

So she wandered off home and I picked up my letter again intending to take it to the post box. Once again I had literally just picked it up when the phone went.

“Emma, it’s Elisa. Fancy some company? OK, I’ll see you in two minutes.”

The unknown car parked outside my house was her new one and we spent a good long while chatting and laughing once again. We laughed about the coincidence that both she and Soph would ring and do that on the same day – I was a bit dazed and confused when the phone went the second time so I had to explain. And she had some good news to share with me. So a good time was had by all as they say.

As for my letter? Well, the postman collected the post two minutes before I got it into the postbox (I saw his little red van drive off just as I got halfway to the postbox) so it’ll be delayed a while getting there. But that’s ok. Because unexpected fun is much nicer, better and more fun than catching the post with a letter.

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