>One incident – Three very different and very funny reactions

>So yesterday I had masses and masses of fun (which will be described in an entry dedicated to it tomorrow) and then ended the day by breaking my wheelchair.

Picture this: me and my friend Sam in the middle of London right by Marble Arch. It’s about six pm it’s hugely hot and we’re headed towards paddington and the train home. We’re hot, sweaty, tired and whilst we enjoyed our day were more than ready to be on a cool train headed back to our sleepy little town.

We merrily turn a corner and she’s pushing me in my manual chair when it stops dead. I look down at the tires and one has come off one of the casters. We just about got me over to some railings and I stood up holding them and Sam attempted to fix it. It’s probably a pretty simple job if you have a set of Allan keys but for two hot and tired women on the side of a busy street in London it wasn’t going to happen. So we were debating what next when this woman walks up to us. She stops; looks at the chair. Then she decided to help us.

Her contribution? To turn to us and go “it’s broken” before walking off again. Yeah, thanks for that love we’d wondered why the wheels wouldn’t turn any more!


Long story short we hailed a cab and got to paddington where Sam left me literally where I got out of the cab and went to hunt for a journey care assistant. Luckily a while back one of my assistance bookings was done wrong – listed as needing the stations chair instead of my own – so I knew that all major train stations come with their own wheelchairs. She talked the rather suspicious man into bringing one of those chairs for me and he pushed me in it and she stuck mine on it’s back wheels and pushed it like that. Got me on the train and then switched back to mine.

Tried to ring my mum but no answer so I called my sister.

“Babe my chair’s broken can you ring mum, she’s not answering and I’m worried that i’ll lose my signal and not get thru to her…”

“Yes but what about your tattoo? Is your tattoo ok?”

My sister has her priorities straight.


Finally got hold of my mum after trying to get her for more than an hour. More than a little bit stressed out at that point and close to a meltdown

“Hi you ok?”

“No my chair’s broken, tire came off.”

“oh god. Which wheelchair?”

“The one I’m sat in


Sam lost the plot laughing at that point and then so did I. Whoever said Laughter is the best medicine got it right but by god the other people on the train must have thought we were nutters what with that and the discussion about naked men.

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