>Yay wheeling!

>I have got, got, got, got, got, got, GOT to get back on board the diet train.

Although it must be said that on three of the previous five days I have wheeled myself a substantial long distance in my manual chair!

And one of those days was in my Quickie which currently only has one footplate… at present if it’s got wheels, I can sit in it and it moves that’s good. Everything else is just window dressing to quote a work colleague. It’s not but I can do without it. It does have to be said that yesterdays Quickie long wheel was a result of being at sailing but there being some ridiculous stuff going on which meant the chance of me getting out on the water was getting smaller and smaller and I was getting frustrated. So I did the positive thing and took off wheeling around the other reservoir.

I love endorphins

my friend Jane came on my wheeling wander with me and she offered a few times to push me and I said no. and even when I got tired and was really struggling I just dug deep and found the spoons to keep going.

I hope to get up there for a walk and/or a picnic one day in the summer because it’s really pretty and that was fun.

And writing this, it occurs to me that my eating might be suffering from the post easter I have easter eggs must eat them mindset I’m not doing as bas as I thought I was.

I love blogging.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll brave the scales tomorrow for the first time in a few weeks.

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