>Join my club

>If you want to join my club and become a wheelchair user you are more than welcome. It is of course a very wonderful club. It’s just gained another member.

Members receive:
A chair they can take everywhere with them meaning they never have to stand on the train, sit in an uncomfortable chair in the theatre or look for a chair.
The ability to cause problems wherever they go
A brilliant hallowe’en costume in the fact that include the chair and you can go as a transformer
The best party trick ever in the fact that when you stand up everyone else in the room freaks out and is then dead impressed.
The chance to have a different experience to everyone else wherever you go.
Stares from all around you as they see the chair, feel sorry for you and then realise that you just don’t care.

All of that and more for just £20 a year membership fee. And unfortunately I will be requiring said membership from the next members. Because a lot of people have joined me lately and not paid their dues.

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