>Two Poems

>I just found a couple of poems that I wrote in January this year and thought I would share them here. I am in the mood to write poetry but not inspired so this must suffice for now.

The first poem was started on Monday 29th January 2007 and has been changed and edited today to be posted here. It’s recognisable as the poem I wrote back in January but I have fine tuned it and put “meat on the bones” as they say.

Journey: destination unknown

Always on a jounery
never stopping, keeping going
where I’m going, never knowing
I’m keen to arrive in that unknown place
Spending each day in a travelling race

Hurry Hurry
Rush Rush
Hurry Hurry Hury
Rush Rush Rush

What a fuss!
Must keep going.
Such a fuss!

All this frustration
Trying to reach an unknown destination
All this frustration
where I’m going no time to question
All this frustration
Trying to reach an ever changing destination

Life flashes by on my journey
Like fields on a train

No day is the same

Life flies by as we wait
to arrive somewhere
on some far away date.

My life so far wasted
For the destination
I quietly waited.

Now I no longer waste my days
Now it is the journey I love and praise.

~Emma Crees

This second poem was written Tues 30th January 2007. I was reading a biography of Winston Churchill at that time and a couple of lines from this must be attributed to that great man to whom we Brits owe so much. The only change I have made in transcribing this poem for posting is to add the final line.


Chin Up Chuck
I wish you lots of luck.
You can do this if you really wish
Don’t get stuck
When life comes at you
Don’t duck
Just keep going
Keep buggering on
As long as you are strong
No matter what you feel
Even if
You think it’s a big deal
Keep buggering on
And you can do no wrong
Just keep buggering on.

~Emma Crees

Please let me know what you think of my poor attempts at poetry.

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