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    >100 Books Club – Update

    >I just took some time to add the last four books I read to my excel spreadsheet which keeps track of my reading. And then I updated the Books in 2007 page over in the side bar (it seems that this template doesn’t like that page but I hope as it is it’s just about readable). As of about half an hour ago I have read 33 books so far in 2007 or a total of 9871 pages. I am astounded by those numbers. Popular Authors so far are C.S Lewis (seven books), E Nesbit (three books) and Adriana Trigiani (four books). All of the other authors on the list…

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    >Yay wheeling!

    >I have got, got, got, got, got, got, GOT to get back on board the diet train. Although it must be said that on three of the previous five days I have wheeled myself a substantial long distance in my manual chair! And one of those days was in my Quickie which currently only has one footplate… at present if it’s got wheels, I can sit in it and it moves that’s good. Everything else is just window dressing to quote a work colleague. It’s not but I can do without it. It does have to be said that yesterdays Quickie long wheel was a result of being at sailing…

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    >Google is just going to love this post. I can tell and I haven’t even written it yet. On Saturday my friend Sam and I went to London. We had lunch in Planet Hollywood which was something of an experience given that we had to go in about four different lifts and all through this background staff only area of the troccadero. I certainly get some very different experiences being in a wheelchair! We had a lovely Spanish man to take us through all of that to the restaurant and a lovely Portugese man to take us out again. And we got to have lunch with one of the t-bird…

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    >One incident – Three very different and very funny reactions

    >So yesterday I had masses and masses of fun (which will be described in an entry dedicated to it tomorrow) and then ended the day by breaking my wheelchair. Picture this: me and my friend Sam in the middle of London right by Marble Arch. It’s about six pm it’s hugely hot and we’re headed towards paddington and the train home. We’re hot, sweaty, tired and whilst we enjoyed our day were more than ready to be on a cool train headed back to our sleepy little town. We merrily turn a corner and she’s pushing me in my manual chair when it stops dead. I look down at the…

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    >Look what I got!

    > This is my new Tattoo which I had done today. It’s my first and despite the words of Klunky (the guy who did it and who assures me that I will want more) I don’t feel any great desire to get more. I wasn’t put off getting more but I didn’t leave all addicted to tattooing and desperate for another like he said I would. There were a few other designs I liked but I knew before I went what I had to get and as soon as I saw this design knew it was the one. It was about halfway through the first thing of designs I looked…

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    >Steam trains and wheelchairs

    >In steam engine terms from the olden days my new powerchair (the Jazzy) would be known as a 2-2-2 engine. Because it has six wheels but they don’t all help to drive it. A steam train/wheelchair like a manual where all four wheels do the work is known as a 0-4-0 engine. Bet you really wanted to know that, I know I did. But you see you learn these ever so useful and interesting facts when you randomly bump into a trainspotting mad friend of the family at the corner shop! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Thinking about medical history

    >I’ve spent a lot of time yesterday and today wondering about whether or not it is better to know when it comes to certain things. In terms of my medical history, I know that I was born six weeks early. I know that I spent some time in the SCBU and that I was fed via an NG Tube while in there. I also know that when I was a few days old I got up to my first bit of mischief and pulled out the NG Tube. I know that one day there was really bad snow and they recommended traveling only if you really had too – and…

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    >Happy Easter

    >Happy Easter! I like Easter, I find it so much easier to cope with than Christmas. In part because of the weather I think but also in part because to me it isn’t such a big deal with huge expectations from society about the need to be happy and enjoy ourselves. I am happy today. Sitting here with the sun shining in through the windows with my hair damp on my shoulders slowly drying. Wearing a light blue strappy top and my favourite long blue skirt. It’s gypsy like and swooshy and floaty and I love it. It’s also the first time this year I’ve worn it. But if I…

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    >More Quotes

    >”If we could first learn where we areand where we are going,we would be better ableto judge what to do and how to do it.”~Abraham Lincoln If we don’t change our direction,we’ll wind up where we are headed.~Chinese expression When you educate a boy,you educate an individual,but when you educate a girl,you educate a community.~African proverb When Spider Webs Unite They Can Tie Up a Lion~Ethiopian Proverb “When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?” ~Sydney Harris “We create our lives a thought at a time. And sometimes, it comes down to changing a thought such as “Why did this happen…

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    >”I’ll be with you in two minutes”

    >Well, I wasn’t planning on updating today. But then I logged in to moderate a couple of comments. And the first thing I saw on my site was a picture of my boobs. Yes, they are covered by a top but it’s a form fitting top and all I could think when I saw it was “I cannot leave my boobs as the first thing people see when they log on to my site any longer.” Today was a fun day with strange coincidences. My sister went and got a tattoo this morning and I was here doing a few bits I needed to get done and a fair amount…