>Blogging Against Disablism Day

>I found my poetry writing mojo after eating a bar of chocolate last night (how I’ve actually managed to lose weight this year is anyones guess) and so this is my offering for BADD.

Bloggers unite
Loudly we call
On this day we fight
Gainst it all
Go away disablism. Equality from here on in
Inclusion, Accessibility, Awareness, Understanding and Belonging are all we hope
No need to fight is what we dream of. Never understood by the able bodied is what we get
Gather round and hear my tale of what it’s really like.

Always fighting against this stigma
Gaining ground slowly
Anger and frustration when it’s lost again
Incensed that internationally disablism still persists
Never free to just be
Shouting and swearing just to be heard
Told by able bodied that the fight isn’t needed. How I wish my words they heeded

Disability is not a bad thing
In my whole life I would never want to be anything else
Some would say disablism is what we deserve
All for one and one for all is a far off dream. How I wish things weren’t as they seem
Blessed with understanding friends in a world that hates me
Life is spent in this fight with no chance to stop; no choice
Intellect and Intelligence could be used to such good. If only people saw what they should.
So many problems; so much fun. So much life; so much to be done
More and more things change but more and more things stay the same

Don’t give me pity, don’t give me greed. Just give me the chance to be stigma free
All disabled together makes it easier; all PEOPLE together would be better
Year round this fight continues, it’s not just today.

~Emma Crees

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