>Hoping to play on the beach.

>Ben/Geri – if on the off chance you read this call ME not mum or dad who aren’t there and I will explain. Everyone else, this is intentionally left vague in case my bro/his gf read this.

In October I am supposed to be going to Spain with part of my family and some honourable family members (HFM’s).

One of the HFM’s likes to dig holes and play with the sand. And when I’m by myself on the beach I like to read, but if he is there I like to join in. We have a laugh and a good time is had by all. He doesn’t have any siblings but I love him like a brother.

But right about now I’m sat here numb, praying I get that opportunity. For that person is very sick in hospital.

I want to go to Spain and dig a hole, I don’t want to consider the alternative.

Please Pray.

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