>Presenting: a rant

>About 17 months ago I moved house. It was a very joyous occasion.

But I would really, really like to know why so many companies and official agencies insist on keeping all of the addresses you have lived at since they knew you on file.

In the past 17 months I have had social services sending people to the wrong house to see me and sending masses of post to me to the wrong address. I’ve had my care agency who still haven’t updated my “about Emma” sheet they give to new carers to show my new address. Meaning that several carers have gone or almost gone to the wrong place.

And then there’s today. On Monday I saw my GP and she agreed to write a letter supporting my appeal against the problem with my care. I went to pick it up this morning.

Something made me stop just outside the medical centre to read the letter. The letter itself is fine, one of the dates is wrong but not by enough to make me make them change it. But it says RE: Emma Crees and then lists my old address. The address I’ve not lived at for 17 months

To start with they were telling me I should have told them I moved. I pointed out that I did and it was there mistake. They can’t tell me why they wrote that, they can confirm they have my correct current address, they just messed up and they didn’t even apologise. However they are going to redo the letter with my correct address and I can collect it next week. On Thursday. Quite why it will take so long to edit the document correctly (I assume they saved it on a PC somewhere) and get it signed again I don’t know.

All they could tell me is that they have to keep previous addresses on file. Same as everyone else.

And obviously, get it mixed up and wrong frequently. Same as everyone else.

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