>Random thoughts on health and life

>Lots of sleep last night; 12 hours. Possibly slightly too much because I still feel somewhat lethargic but equally no real aches and pains this morning and a bit happier. So I don’t know really.

It’s the second of June and I haven’t missed any medication this year! Well, technically I missed one dose of my antibiotics because I dropped it on the floor and couldn’t reach it BUT I’ve not missed any of my regular meds.

I haven’t had any extra treats or some such on my diet since Tuesday. Yay! And I’ve been a for a few long walks in my manual chair this week. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy that. But I’d also forgotten how much Atrixo I use afterwards and how nice that feels. I love the smell of Atrixo.

I go on holiday two weeks today! Feel kind of sick at that prospect but I’m also looking forward to it. More on that later, probably.

I feel like for the most part I’m being a lot healthier than usual this year and am pushing my boundaries more. Discovering who I am more too. I like it but it’s not always easy.

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