>I lost another pound this week which makes me smiley :o) Particularly as other than swimming on Friday (which was a great work out this week) I’ve not exercised. That’s something that will come back officially in July BUT as I’m taking my K (manual chair) on holiday there will be loads of accidental exercise while I’m away

So I’m at 23lb lost since February. Which puts me at the exact weight I told JST I was (for safety reasons they need a rough idea of the weight of all wheelchair users) – considering I was somewhat economical with the truth of the numbers when they asked (by half a stone) I am very glad to actually be at this point!

And I found my tape measure again – since I took measurements on the 1st of January I have lost five inches off of my waist. It’s no wonder I needed smaller clothes! I haven’t checked the rest yet as I’ve not had time but I will before I go away.

Several people have commented that I’m looking thinner this last week too

I won’t be home for the next two Tuesday weigh ins for the May Day Challenge – so the next update for that will be week eight.

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