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>I’m home. and I’m knackered. and I’ll update properly tomorrow. But I wanted to post quickly to ask a favour of all of you.

As you may or may not know JST who I sailed with is a charity. And they have amazing staff. Including, on Tenacious, Graham the cook. He’s a great guy and an amazing cook. 3 meals a day for 40+ people on a ship that can at times be very bumpy and even tilted way over to one side at times. Not to mention cakes and biscuits for the twice daily smoko or coffee break. Scrummy rock buns and shortbread and chocolate muffins that often arrive still warm and crumble and melt deliciously in your mouth. And the beautifully iced birthday cake made specially for a member of our voyage crew who celebrated her birthday during our trip. I really enjoyed my day on mess duty laying the tables and prepping veg for him but as for the cooking – I couldn’t do it, big respect to him for being able to.

Well, Graham has been nominated for a Local Food Hero award from UKTV Food. And if he wins JST will get £40K which they desperately need. Plus anyone who makes such lovely food in such quantities (I have definitely gained weight!) in tough circumstances is a true food hero.

So PLEASE go Vote for Him. You have to register but it takes about a minute and it’s free. If that link doesn’t work for whatever reason you need to go to www.uktvfood.co.uk click on the local food hero bit and look for SV Tenacious. And PLEASE go do it now because I think there is only a day or so left until voting for the first round ends and some nominees are disqualified.

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