>Snapshots of a Holiday: Sailorettes

>The guy who was captaining Tenacious when I was on board was a guy called John who I assumed to be in his fifties. He is the relief captain which means both times I’ve sailed with the JST I’ve not sailed with the master of either of the ships. Who really should probably be referred to as the mistress of the ship as both of the main captains are women.

Anyway, John is easily approachable, and someone you can chat with although I didn’t really talk one on one with him. Some of the permanent crew weren’t like that and in fact one was a total bitch to me but that’s another story.

John has something of a sense of humour and if he made an announcement over the tannoy he’d usually start it with “good morning ladies and gentlemen, sailors and sailorettes” and if he had to thank us for doing something he tended to say “thank you for X. You will be rewarded…. but not in this life.”

On the Sunday morning he did the end of voyage debrief. At the end, Jackie, one of the voyage crew who was in my watch and who reminded me a lot of my Auntie Sheila, stood up and asked if he was finished. She then went on

“The sailorette’s and I would just like to thank you for a wonderful voyage…”

And several other ladies (all of whom could be described as being of a “certain age”) pulled out mop heads and waved them at him like cheerleader’s pompoms.

His face was a picture and we laughed and laughed.

One of many moments that made me glad I stuck it out despite the bitchiness and nastiness. And one that sums up, to me, the camaraderie that JST should be all about.

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