>Odd Things

>Not a proper entry just a random collection of odd points and observations that I wanted to mention but none of which really called for their own entry. Proper content tomorrow

The new header image on this blog? A photo I took whilst onboard Tenacious. Photo taken 22nd June 2007 at some point between the hours of 4am and 6am. Judging by the amount of light I’d say probably the middle of that timespan.

I managed to stand unsupported on the scales long enough to weigh myself. Let’s just say ugh. And that I now see where the JST’s concern came from.

I saw my GP for a med review on Friday. It was very positive and I am secretly very happy and pleased.

We were in Reading for probably three and a half hours today and no one but me pushed me the entire time.

Pulling up weeds from the garden is hard work. But the results look much better, I can now see out of my window again and it is SATISFYING. Probably good exercise too.

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