>Reasons to be Cheerful

>I’ve been somewhat out of sorts this last week. Not sick, but not right. I’m feeling better now though.

Despite that I have managed to drink water every day for the last eight days. Somedays I could definitely have drunk more water but truthfully I can’t remember the last time I drank water on a daily basis so that’s something I’m very happy about. This week I hope to drink water everyday but not have it be something of a “token gesture” as it was on one or two days.

Portion control has definitely been happening too. I’ve had so called “bad things” to eat and drink and I’ve enjoyed them. But I’ve not had as much or as often and I have made healthier choices too.

Because of how tired I’ve been exercise hasn’t happened that much. I didn’t swim last week but hopefully will be back in the pool on Friday. I have been in bed earlier than usual for the last five nights and am feeling slightly more awake for it. It can’t be called early because it isn’t.

I weighed myself this morning and didn’t really expect to see any loss as whilst I have been working at it I am expecting the Red Army any day now and that tends to have an adverse effect. But I lost another 4lb since last Tuesday which means since I recommitted, what, 11 days ago? I’ve lost half a stone! or 7lb if you don’t speak stones, LoL.

I have lots of other reasons why I am cheerful at the moment but my bro and his girlfriend will be here soon so I need to go. And my camera is playing up so I can’t share the photos I wanted too.

More later if I can get it to work again.

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