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    >Behind the scenes work

    >I’m currently upgrading WordPress and doing some other behind the scenes work on this blog. In theory you shouldn’t notice any problems but if you do please be patient and I’ll get things up and running properly again as quickly as possible. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >I’ve just uploaded a load of my holiday photos onto Facebook. I filled an entire album on there and still have millions left over so I might put some more on tomorrow. A few even have captions if you click on them! Shocking! The link is here if you want to see and should work even if you aren’t a Facebook member. I’m going to read my book before bed but tomorrow I will work out why I couldn’t upload them to the gallery on this site. I really will. Finally this is one of my favourite holiday pics and I just realised it didn’t make it onto Facebook. All…

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    >Snapshots of a Holiday: Sailorettes

    >The guy who was captaining Tenacious when I was on board was a guy called John who I assumed to be in his fifties. He is the relief captain which means both times I’ve sailed with the JST I’ve not sailed with the master of either of the ships. Who really should probably be referred to as the mistress of the ship as both of the main captains are women. Anyway, John is easily approachable, and someone you can chat with although I didn’t really talk one on one with him. Some of the permanent crew weren’t like that and in fact one was a total bitch to me but…