>Voyage Report

>I’ve been meaning to post this here for a long time so that it’s a part of my blog. It’s the voyage report for the JST website that I helped to write back in June when I was on board Tenacious.

the following is a report from Forward Port Watch

Watch leader Bill Gibbs, Ann Pinder, Emma Crees, Denis Garnham, Jackie Edmonds, Paul Wharrier, Claire Harris and Sarah Rawlinson.

03.30 Kick Off, Bill, Emma, Ann + Claire on sunrise shortbread watch. Paul and Denis to follow on grey morning, temperature inversion (Denis our meterological expert), cloud in the glens of Jura. Finally saw seals, not rocks! (I’ll never live that down! – Chris MP). Wheelies aloft, everyone on the ropes. Denis and Meg out on the yards. Sarah Tim and John out onto the first platform. Buzzed by jet fighters on ‘bombing raid’ Informed by covert intelligence expert Denis that they were on combat training. Set off under engines at rate of knots, passing Iona to starboard and Staffa on Portside.

Fingals Cave brings out cameras galore! Puffin spotters out in force also.

Update By: Forward Port Watch

The other very yay sailing related news is that a very good friend is now desperate and determined to go on a JST voyage of her own. And I don’t think she’s ever sailed before. Yay. Very pleased about that 🙂

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