>In which, I don’t want to talk about it.

>Am very twitchy and spasmy these last few days. Also very spastic. As the Chinese proverb goes, I seem to be living in “interesting times.”

My thoughts go off on a slightly worrying tangent when I get this twitchy and shaky but it’s mostly a panic thing and a hypochondriac thing and I don’t want to talk about it. Or a better way of putting it might be that writing about it makes my fear more real and I like where I am about it now.

Sometimes knowing as much as I do about CP and depression and all that jazz seems like a really bad thing when it makes me get in a chaotic and twirly panic like this. But then, there are times when I wish I knew more about it.

Most of this is a little bit of a bad couple of CP days with an attack of anxiety which comes from the depression. I have a small theory about my depression currently but I don’t particularly want to think or talk about that in detail either.

Still there is always some good things to be had in the world. Like reading a good book, surfing some favourite websites, moving my body and eating chocolate. Am off to do some of those now.

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