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>I don’t have a category on here for rants, how can that be?! I thought for sure that I did. Perhaps I shall make one.

I’ve been quiet on here lately because other than something of a rant I’ve not much to write. And it’s an access sort of rant and totally inappropriate for me to post here for many reasons.

Not least the fact that some of the people involved may read this and I don’t want to ruin something that is very important to them just because I might struggle there. It’s hard for me to say this, but it’s not about me. And there’s always the possibility access won’t be a problem.

In fact, my counselor would probably say that is a bad thing for me to say/think but it’s the truth.

It also relates to my having “too high standards” as I know some people would comment. Shall shut up about that now.

An unrelated rant that is slightly accessible in nature:

I went to a BBQ social thing for CAB about ten days ago. It was at a colleague’s daughter’s house. Lovely big house, amazing garden.

And a small patch of shallow gravel to get across to get to the garden and in and out to the loo. It wasn’t huge and to everyone else it was probably blink and you’ll miss it type thing.

My wheelchair doesn’t like gravel but with a combination of my bunny hopping my chair and someone grabbing the back for extra oomph it didn’t cause a real issue. Mostly because there wasn’t a lot of it and it wasn’t over a big area. Mostly I had to get over grass which wasn’t long and I didn’t struggle with as much as I might have or anticipated. So I was actually really pleased and called the evening a success.

Was v.pleased to get home to my nice accessible bathroom tho!

To me, it is obvious that my chair doesn’t like gravel and as I don’t see it has any real point I’d like it banned. What is the point of gravel?

One specific of my friends from CAB was absolutely shocked that I struggled with the gravel. And is literally still going on now, ten days later, about how my chair “really didn’t like the gravel.” and it surprised them.

They learnt a lesson that night about some of the issues I face. I’m glad that awareness was raised.

But sometimes I do wish I could go to a damn BBQ and not have someone refer to me as “the wheelchair” when telling someone else about how to avoid a step with me. And not have my presence turn into an inadvertent lesson in awareness and accessibility.

Most of all I wish she would shut up about the GOD DAMN GRAVEL so that when we were telling someone about the night today we could just have said how I got a little drunk and we played boule and it was great fun.

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