>If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll aways get what you’ve always got.

Something I’ve been thinking about this evening. Once again I must regroup, replan and rethink. This last week with my weight loss efforts and with several other things I’ve been treading water. Treading water is fine, it’s not sinking. But equally it’s not swimming and that’s a better way to live life.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Failing to plan is not my problem, failing to make realistic plans is a part of my problem. But my biggest problem is sticking to any thing I plan. And that leads to me figuring that I may as now not plan to do X or Y or whatever because I know I won’t follow through on it.

you are not as fat as you imagine

That’s a line from the sunscreen song and it’s always one that made me want to go “you are, in fact, fatter.”

I watched a show on TV tonight, a weight loss one. And in it there was this woman, Jill. Based on what had been written about the show on yahoo TV I’d thought she would be pretty big and I looked at her and thought she was smaller than I am. a bit fat yes but not as huge as I’d thought. I would never have said she had a big issue with her weight.

They weighed her and her starting weight was only four or so lb from where I am now – her measurements were pretty much the same as mine were last time I checked.

So I guess, maybe, I’m not as fat as I imagine

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