>Somehow, this week, I lost a total of 4lb. Which gets rid of the 2lb I put on last week and an extra 2lb.

I’m down 16lb in total now which is very yay!

I really want to focus on moving my body, getting more sleep and drinking more water over this next week. I feel a lot of these have slipped by the way side lately. But I do also know that some habits have stuck and that is a very GOOD thing.

If I could, I would love to see another 4lb loss next week but I think that’s unrealistic. So I think my goal is going to be to get to a total weight loss of 21lb by the end of the May Day Challenge (which isn’t far off!)

My mum and I went shopping on Sunday to get clothes to wear to my cousin’s wedding (the saturday before the challenge ends). It was a nightmare. Not least because we both had very different ideas as to what I should wear. My size was an issue too and we left with nothing (mostly due to the choice issue). But it would have been a lot more of a problem if I was still carrying around those extra 16lb.

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