>Small Triumphs

>I figured out what I had the allergic reaction too. The hard way. I’ve been putting savlon on the reaction but substituted tea tree oil (I have a bottle which states it’s diluted and can be used on skin as is and which I’ve used on skin before) one time figuring they do the same thing (antiseptic). 40 mins later I gave up trying to sleep and on turning on the light was met with bright red, itchy, horribleness. Not fun but I guess at least my worries about that can now be put to rest.

I went to my parents house for dinner tonight. Roast Pork in the garden. Super yummy! I walked across the garden a couple of times holding someone’s arm. And when it was my Dad he commented that he thinks I’m walking much better since I lost weight and that he bets it’ll be even easier for me to walk when I’ve lost some more.

Thinking about it, my legs hurt to walk like they usually do and I was tired after like usual. But I didn’t get anywhere near as breathless (or not that I noticed) and I think I felt more balanced too. I wouldn’t want to walk further and I never will. But in a way it’s nice to think that on the odd occasion I do walk a little it could be a little easier.

I never really realised how unhealthy I was before with this and with depression and just generally. Then I get another reminder like this of how much healthier I am now and how well I am doing. It shocks me, but it reminds me.

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