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    >Melting Pot of Links

    >To celebrate the fact that I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress and not only is it working properly, it’s the first time in about six months I’ve upgraded and not had it go slightly wrong… I thought I would share a few links (because working WP means I can use the VRE and not code the links myself, yay!) Nelba over at Chocolachillie wrote a post about perspectives to medical care and disability and life in general (I guess).  It’s well worth a read.  And it’s called Cheap Shoes Always Squeak which is just the best blog post title I have read in, basically, forever. Kathryn’s Ryn Tale’s…

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    >Crafts, Crafts, Crafts!

    >I’ve been busy… I’ve been doing soooo much knitting lately and really enjoying it. And I really want to get on with a Cross Stitch of Tenacious that I bought (but am also worried about starting it because it was so expensive!). And I’ve got my planned favourite writings project to get properly stuck into and finish. And I’ve loads of photos that I want to scrapbook. And I really want to figure out this crochet lark. And, And, And… So many crafts, so little time! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >My Heart is Heavy

    >My heart is heavy today. And truthfully, has been for a few days but today brought news that focussed it all for me. Several people on the periphery of my life have had challenging, tough and scary times over the last week or so and it makes me ache for them, worry about them, feel. So my heart is heavy with all of that. And it makes some of the more trivial and mundane things annoy and irritate me. Especially because today brought the news a work colleague was out walking her dog last week and was hit by a lorry. She’s in hospital and her daughter tells us she’ll…

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    >Look Great in 2008 Week One!

    >I’m up 1lb. Which is ok. Trouble is last week I had regained 2lb. So that’s 3lb that had gone now back here visiting again. And I’m grateful it’s not more because I did eat out twice yesterday and I did binge a couple of times this week. When I weighed earlier in the week it looked like I’d gained more. If I got a report on my weight loss it would probably say “Emma tries hard but could do better.” That’s ok. but it’s also sucky considering that I was loser of the week this week. But all I can do is go onwards and upwards. And take it…

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    >Simply The Best

    >The next Disability Blog Carnival is on Thursday and it’s theme is “Simply The Best” I love this as a topic and was thinking about what to write about. Several ideas crossed my mind but nothing really seemed *right* to me. Then just as I had written off this as a topic that wasn’t for me, it hit me. The thing that had made me happiest today had a no longer really noticable to me disability beginning and that’s what’s Simply The Best. At this current moment in time, I would say that meeting people who would never have come into your life if not for your disability is Simply…

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    >Opinions Wanted

    >I got an e-mail about NaNoWriMo today! I knew it was coming up but I hadn’t really realised that the festivities kick off so soon – sign ups start 1st Oct! I have half of a badly thought out fiction idea that I could do. Or I could write my life story. Both are projects I’ve written a few words of and abandoned time and again for more years than I can count. So… which do YOU think I should write? All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Bullet points of life for a Saturday evening: Have hugely fun plans for really really soon. Very excited and can’t wait. Am slightly concerned that fun plans maybe too much for me. Have decided that I don’t care. Have much too much yarn and yet I want to buy more. Have had genius idea involving yarn, fun plans and possibly Christmas. Slightly scared that I considered Christmas already. Supermarkets have advent calenders and christmas stuff out already. This is scarier. Also have too many books and yet I want to buy more. Fun plans are also likely to be of some use here Am wondering quite why I have so…

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    >If you are here from Tales From The Scales – Welcome. Or if you’ve been here before either from TFTS or somewhere else – Welcome Back! If you never go to the TFTS site, go now. And check out This post. I’m the Loser of the Week this week!! I won’t repeat the stuff I wrote from the site because you can go there and read it (and comment, and maybe, be inspired to join the new challenge?) Beth has put both of the before and after photos I shared as one image and even I could see the difference there – so I will share that here. Something I…

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    >ow ow hurty ow

    >I’ve done something to my back. ow ow hurty ow. And randomly my left side (including my arm weirdly) is super spastic and tight. I said to my sister that I thought I’d put it out – I don’t think I actually have but I’ve definitely bruised it or something. My back can get painful if I spend a long period of time in my wheelchair with no breaks and on Saturday between my wheelchair and the car I went fifteen hours with only a few loo breaks. NOT GOOD. But it couldn’t be avoided and it was loads of fun. I would take that as the cost of having…

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    >Facebook Love

    >You know how every so often I go on here about how Facebook is depressing and I don’t really like it (yet spend sooooo much time on there it’s unreal)? Well, in a display of how unbelievably fickle I am, I have changed my mind. This is the post in which I say how much I love facebook. I love facebook. And a got an e-mail from a very old, much loved and extremely missed friend today thanks to it. It’s strange – we’ve not seen each other in about four years, we’ve not spoken or e-mailed or anything in at least three. But reading that e-mail today… it was…