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>Melodee over at The Amazing Shrinking Mom has set a challenge to try to use fitday.com to journal your food intake for 10 days. To see if that helps with weight loss etc. Reading everyone else’s food lists is really interesting and I wanted a go. But I don’t like fitday (find it hard to use) so I thought I would list everything here.


Rice Krispies with semi-skimmed milk
Mangoes and Passionfruit Innocent Smoothie

Note: I usually struggle to get breakfast in so I am very pleased to have managed it and to get three portions of fruit in with it.

To work now before I am late. More later.

13:25 pm

I was late for work because they were digging the alleyway into the park up and I had double back and go round the road way.

Two glasses of water
Three rich tea biscuits

Walked more than some days but not a huge amount and it tends to be a little more.


Sandwich made of 1 chicken breast, scrape of flora light (I don’t like a lot) and three pieces wholemeal bread (nimble)

Mid Afternoon

Went outside with my walker and Soph. We were out for about 12 minutes, I walked a fair way, had a rest sat on my walker and then walked back. Tired and a bit breathless after but the third day running I’ve done that. Really thirsty.

400ml water.
Snacksize Ripple (90 calories but quite how they can call that “medium sized” I don’t know)


Stuck some frozen leftovers in the microwave for dinner. I thought I’d pulled out sausage casserole but I just went to give it a stir and it looks suspiciously like chicken.

Feeling a bit blah and lethargic this afternoon – my attempts at keeping myself away from the situation that screwed me over last week were not as successful as hoped.

Time for dinner, more later.

Chicken in Spanish sauce (chicken tonight)
Mixed Peppers
New Potatoes
Snacksize Ripple
400ml water

Note: I got my five a day in today! That’s something else I really struggle with.

Still really hungry. My dinner was OK but I was a bit annoyed that it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.


No more food today. I’ve done pretty well and blogging my intake here has definitely made me think about what and whether I actually need stuff. I was doing that anyway and doing it a lot more than I ever used to. But knowing that it would be listed here was an extra impetus to stick to my diet. I may repeat this exercise a few more times.

Legs are achy after all the walking I’ve been doing. I suspect I won’t manage any tomorrow but who knows.


Two 400 ml glasses of water

Note: in addition to a 250ml smoothie and a 500ml bottle of coke, I drank 2 litres of pure water today! Which means I have met all three of the big nutritional goals that I struggle with big style.

Right before bed

Glass of semi-skimmed milk

ALL supplements taken as well as meds

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