>The End of The May Day Weight Loss Challenge

>The final weigh in for the MDWLC over at Tales from the Scales is today.

And I’ve lost another 2lb.

Making a total of 20lb lost in just over two months. (although I did participate in the whole challenge, I started afresh 1st July 07 for various reasons).

My cousin gets married at the weekend; I will get someone to take an “after” photo of me when we are there and post it here soon as I can.

It won’t really be an after picture because I still have a long way to go (about another 3 stone/42lb). But it will be a good picture and something to be proud of.

Oh and John Mayer may have sung “your body is a wonderland” but MY body is in ONEderland as of today. And that’s the version I’m singing.

My body is also a wonderland and by treating it right with exercise and healthier eating it’s one I can enjoy for longer. I plan to continue this – it’s not a diet, it’s an attitude, a lifestyle.

I’ve gone from 218lb (15st 8lb) to 198lb (14st 2lb).

And I pray to God that ONEderland is where I stay. I know I’ve said this before, but I never want to see that 2 again. I really mean it this time.

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