>Progress and Photos

>You know how I wrote last week that I was never, ever going to see that “2” again?

Well, I’m up 2lb and saw that hated “2” this morning. Of course I did go to a wedding at the weekend and I did drink a lot of alcohol. Not only that but I seriously (and stupidly) mixed my alcohols. My hangover lasted two days, I’m getting old! So I’m being pleased that I didn’t gain more because truly I thought I would have.

I promised photos this week too so here goes. I’m not too sure if the 20lb ish loss shows.

This is my “before” pic which was taken when I was on holiday around the middle of June (I’m not sure what day it was taken). It’s also the pic that up until about five minutes ago was my about me pic in the sidebar.

This is my new about me pic for the sidebar and was taken Sept 15th 2007. If it looks a little weird it’s because it’s actually a photo of me and my cousin James but I cropped him out of it. I like this photo, I think you can see a few changes to my face between the june pic and this one.

Me at the reception, not a huge fan of this pic as I think it makes me look fat but I like it.

My brother (Ben), Sister (Sophie), Brother’s Girlfriend (Geri), my Mum and Me at the wedding reception. It’s a shame my Dad isn’t in it too but someone had to take the photo!

Me with the Happy Couple, Mark and Mel. Mark is my cousin. And as an aside, I so totally loved Mel’s dress.

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