>Facebook Love

>You know how every so often I go on here about how Facebook is depressing and I don’t really like it (yet spend sooooo much time on there it’s unreal)?

Well, in a display of how unbelievably fickle I am, I have changed my mind.

This is the post in which I say how much I love facebook.

I love facebook.

And a got an e-mail from a very old, much loved and extremely missed friend today thanks to it.

It’s strange – we’ve not seen each other in about four years, we’ve not spoken or e-mailed or anything in at least three. But reading that e-mail today… it was so “her”, so normal, so like we just saw each other last week, just spoke yesterday.

It’s strange – but it’s also really, really good.

And it really, really made my day.

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