>ow ow hurty ow

>I’ve done something to my back. ow ow hurty ow. And randomly my left side (including my arm weirdly) is super spastic and tight.

I said to my sister that I thought I’d put it out – I don’t think I actually have but I’ve definitely bruised it or something.

My back can get painful if I spend a long period of time in my wheelchair with no breaks and on Saturday between my wheelchair and the car I went fifteen hours with only a few loo breaks. NOT GOOD. But it couldn’t be avoided and it was loads of fun.

I would take that as the cost of having such a good day and be pleased and happy to do so.

But it’s more than that. Not only did I spend too much time in my chair on Saturday. I also fell out of the damn thing. Backwards.

Well maybe saying I fell OUT of the damn thing isn’t quite right.

There is a point at which you can’t right a wheelchair when you tip it. My parents were getting me over a step. It was a high one so my dad had the front and my mum the back. Wheelchair tips too far and hits the floor.

Result- Emma is still in the wheelchair but the wheelchair is tipped on it;s back and Emma’s legs are in the air. Emma is extremely grateful that her mum lost the “you must wear a dress” argument.

So yeah, I really don’t recommend that.

I do recommend heatpacks and codeine and baclofen however.

And more importantly I wish “up and over” steps were banned. Because they are seriously evil.

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