>100 Books Club – Pages Goal!

>As of 12th Oct 2007, I have read 84 books and 26,402 pages this year.

Yup, I finally got the page properly updated. In terms of actual pages I have surpassed the goal (25,000 pages or 100 books) of the 100 books club. I’m not there on the number of books but suspect I will end the year a lot closer to it at the very least.

Looking at my list, it’s strange to see how many books I’ve read this year and sort of forgotten about. Like The Other Eden, that was a really great book, sort of historical fiction. But I had to stop and think what it was when I saw the list because it had slipped my mind.

Just before I started the 101 in 1001 challenge I wrote a list of books I wanted to read. And one of the goals on that list was to read all of them. But then I lost the list. So I decided that if I completely the 100 Books club challenge I would consider it met. If I hadn’t managed that I planned to write another to read list next year and work on that. I will probably still do that – but with the completion of the challenge I’m ticking that off of my list. For a total of 30 things completed.

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