>Cryptic Entry

>It’s been, what, maybe, three months? since my counselling ended. And once in a while I get to missing it. And also once in another while I spot a way in which I benefited from it and managed to make positive changes to my life.

Today is both of those “once in a whiles” all at once.

I can’t talk about specifics because, as you’ll know if you read regularly, I signed a confidentiality agreement at CAB. Well possibly I could as this doesn’t actually relate to a client but I am also trying not to rant or moan or generally write about people who may read this. Or to inadvertantly identify other people. It’s actually not that easy to do but I’m giving it a shot. I think it’s important and maybe part of my growth as a blogger. Although, it does sort of make me wish this was anonymous.

Anyways, I digress, once again.

Actually, I can’t explain this very well.

Lets just say that something really innoculous happened and really was just someone trying to be helpful but going about it completely the wrong way (and which potentially could have caused a huge problem had the circumstances been different). And I just ended up feeling belittled and like the fact that I had the authority/experience and was supposed to be in charge was ignored/undermined.

But then I was able to think that when I had been the one in the opposite position I’d found it hard to not do those things and that a lot of the issue was my perspective. I didn’t get angry, I didn’t get upset. I did get frustrated but I made sure my client didn’t see it, maybe the other person did but I don’t think so.

What I did do was let it go and then later when I had five minutes with my supervisor and their supervisor I checked what the procedure is supposed to be and said to them that I knew it is hard to do and it was a case of simply forgetting but it had happened. We all agreed that there are ways and means of handling things and that this needs to be reiterated to the newer staff.

I was pretty proud of myself.

Even more so when my supervisor deliberately said something to me she knew I’d not like to wind me up. And I just went “yeah OK then thats fine.” Then she told me she’d been joking and complimented me on the way I just took it.

So yeah it was a bit of a reminder of the progress I made (which I don’t often see for myself) and it’s something that if I were to go back to my counsellor I would discuss with her.

But you know what, I don’t need to right now.

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