>Writing and Weight and Fireworks

>The good thing about doing both NaBloPoMo AND NaNoWriMo is that on days when I don’t really have any inspiration for my blog entry I just simply tell you what my NaNo word count is and witter on about that for a while.

I have 3580 words for NaNo so far, I’ve set up three characters and mentioned a third and fourth. Other than that not much has happened other that a shit load of padding it out. Still, that;s half the fun. And I suddenly like what I’ve written this afternoon which is always good. I am slightly ahead of the curve at the moment but I haven’t written 1667 words today (wrote extra yest) so I want to get at least the 300 or so extra in to hit that – don’t want to lose my extra margin of words this early on. I’d actually forgotten how much fun this writing lark is.

Oooh and my friend Sam said my face looks a lot thinner today. I was very pleased but immediately followed that up with a discussion as to whether or not it was how I was wearing my hair (different to usual) that did it. Because, obviously, looking less fat is important. Particularly when you have an appt with a TV camera crew next week like I do…

Fireworks tomorrow, can’t wait!

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