>Gift Train

>Meme time again!

Kay over at The Gimp Parade posted the following about this meme and well, i’m in.  Here’s what she wrote:

Gift train

Like a meme, only it can invade your snail mailbox:

Via Grace at What If No One’s Watching? — By the end of January, 2008, I will send a tangible, physical gift to each of the first five people to comment here, so long as each of those five people are willing to make the same offer in their own LJ or blog.

I’ve taken the liberty of giving myself a month’s more time to accomplish this. Also note that “tangible and physical” possibly means “whimsical and odd.”
Happy holidays.

So the first five people who comment here will get a gift sent to them.  And if my readers will please note that tangible and physical possibly means whimsical and odd like Kay wrote but more than likely also means some for of craft.

So, get commenting, get posting to your own blog and if you comment e-mail me your address at Emma [@] wheelchairprincess.com


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