>Things I have been meaning to write about in detail, condensed into bullet points.

  • I’ve been very down on and off for the past six weeks or so. Less so, I think (I hope!), than in previous years at this time but… i’m not very motivated and sorta feel like i’m heading to burn out.
  • I’m not doing any days over christmas at all so I’m looking forward to a long rest. And my biggest energy/emotional/time sucking things at present finish this weekend so it should be better. The idea of Christmas isn’t easy this year though, part of me will be glad when it’s over.
  • It’s my official birthday on Saturday 🙂
  • But right now I feel like I’m about to be hit by some sort of virus.
  • And I’m almost at a year of no missed meds.
  • my hair looks shit right now.

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