>New Years, General Odd Bits, and Reading.

>Last night was fun.  Really, really fun.

We had venison casserole which is not something I would have chosen but was quite nice.  One of my sort of goals for the year is to try and get more variety in my diet as well as to eat healthier.  So that was a good way to start.  I’ve continued my good start today by eating chicken and bacon pizza and chocolate.  Both of which whilst being exceedingly yummy were not good choices for the diet BUT I have made some healthier choices/substitutions today AND  the plan always was to kick things off properly tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow, not really sure how getting out of bed for that is going to work.  Am soooo tired it’s unreal.  Still a girl can try and this girl has plans so I can but hope.  But ugh, i don’t wanna go back to work.

I bought a new handbag today which is very yay!  That goes a way towards smartening myself up a bit and getting more organised.  Both of which are current short term ish goals.

We laughed a lot last night; about silly things and things that some of my other friends wouldn’t laugh about.  A lot of it was things that I was like “that’s one for the blog.”  like when just before midnight I said to Sam that I’d need to go for a wee soon and she went “you’ll have to wait until next year.”

Finally, book totals for 2007.  93 Books and 28,2621 pages making me an official bookwyrm (someone who has read either 100 books or 25,000 pages in one calender year)

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