>Checking in for the Challenge

>The Look Great in 2008 Challenge over at Tales From The Scales, that is.

My past several weeks of not really caring saw me up 6lb  first thing Monday morning.  So the good is that I’m still 18lb lighter than I was 1st July 2007.  The other really good news is that I did OK dietwise Tuesday, better yesterday and today can only be considered GOOD!  Meaning those 6lb shouldn’t be around too long.  

I exercised today too and will tomorrow.  My planned swimming for today had to be cancelled as its too bloody cold to walk up there (I go in my powerchair which means I’m not actually moving around and generating body heat so I freeze) and I suspect I won’t make it to the pool tomorrow either.  I’ve done a fair amount of standing stretches and I danced round my lounge for 20 or so minutes earlier.

Hopefully this year should see me hit (and maintain at) my goal wait – I was reading a blog earlier in the week where the writer said she wanted to be at goal by 1st June.  I’m not sure how realistic it would be for me to reach that so I think I’ll set 1st July as my goal – giving me 7 months to lose 30lb ish which should be roughly doable.

Here’s hoping, anyway!

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