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>I got a big package of yarn that I ordered off of the internet (from Kemp’s Wool Shop) just after lunch today.  I was pleased to get it but disturbed to note that the parcel force guy was wearing shorts.  I know it’s not as cold as it was earlier in the week but it’s still pretty cold and supposed to get colder as the day goes on (I think the forecast for tonight is minus 1).  Honestly, SHORTS?!?!?!  What’s that all about?

Along with some of the same yarn in Green which Geri bought me for Christmas I’m going to use it to knit an Afghan/Blanket type thing.  I’ve finally settled on exactly what and how I will do it so I’m looking forward to starting it properly rather than the past two days both of which have seen me start said project and then frog it and start it again the next and frog it again.

Also, totally not politically correct or anything but pretty funny.  When my friend/carer Sara heard that I want to make an Afghan  she went “Emma, you can’t knit an immigrant. it won’t work.”  It’s funnier if you actually know Sara and how she comes out with these things but still i thought it worth recording here.

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