>Hormone Hell Blahs

>Tough day today.

Or maybe not all of it, but definitely part of it.

Let’s just say I tried to calmly talk to my mum about something that had been worrying me a bit and ended up entering hormone hell, losing the plot and crying.

Once again I am reminded why it was recommended that I take evening primrose oil.  And of the fact that I feel better when I do.

Three key thoughts that I keep coming back to lately

  1. Who’d have neighbours?
  2. Who’d be a woman?
  3. Who’d be a grown up?

I didn’t weigh myself this morning; couldn’t be bothered and suspected my impending period would screw things over and ruin my mood.  Not that it actually needed any ruining today.

I think it’s slowly going ok though and I’m hopeful for next week.  I’ve made changes and they’ve not seemed so hard.

I could do with something going right…

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