>Finally Started!

>I finally started to make the blanket I’ve been on about making for ages. Only I have actually started it about four times in the past few weeks and frogged it and started again and…

But this is it it’s definitely started, I’ve definitely decided what I’m doing and I have the first (small) section done from start to finish all this afternoon. It doesn’t look quite right but hopefully when it’s all done and together and all that jazz it’ll look better.

Only… I don’t actually think it’s going to be a blanket. I was thinking that I have a huge blank space of wall that needs decorating with something and I was also thinking that the colours I’m using wouldn’t go with my new sofa scatter cushions. So… I’m now thinking wall hanging.

I think I need 25 sections the size I made this one (will know for definite when more are made and I see them together) so I’d say I’ve got it about 4% done… not bad for an afternoons work.

Dinner, then some tv and cross stitch I think.

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