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I’m not very good at keeping up with the news and it’s something I’m working on this year as I really think I should keep up with current affairs more. I do read the headlines and any news story that catches my eye online and I listen to local radio and hear the news there every morning.

So why have I heard nothing about Brent Martin? Why do I have only the slightest idea of having ever heard of his story at the time he was killed for “fun” simply because he was seen and was disabled? That was August last year and now their is a trial going on. A trial in which one of his killers is said to have claimed that “he’s not going down for a muppet.”


Brent lost his life for the sake of a £5 bet (about $10 US, I think)… the same amount I pay each time I buy a sandwich, a drink and a muffin for lunch when in town. That’s a pretty good deal for the price of a lunch in my favourite coffee shop. As the price of a life? It’s sickening.


There is a black armband campaign in memory of Brent this week. Penny links to some of the posts about it and about another example of disabled people “falling through the net” and their being no media response.


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