>Welcome to the UK in the 21st Century!

>My good friend Sarah just made me aware of this:

Currently Disabled People have no legal rights to live independently or having the same degree of control which non disabled people have over their own lives. … there is no requirement in law for social services departments to provide an appropriate level of support so that disabled people have a full life rather than barely exist.” (http://www.bcodp.org.uk/campaigns/Independant%20Living.shtml)

I say I’m lucky because I have a lovely flat.  Looks like I’m not just lucky for that; I’m lucky I’m not institutionalised.

I have to say that when Sarah first showed me that quote in an MSN conversation my first thought was that it couldn’t be a UK thing but she told me it was.

Why haven’t we heard more about this?!?!  We really need to.

Sarah’s posted about it here.  Please read it and spread the word.

Welcome to the UK in the 21st Century!

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