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    >No swimming, blah

    >I really need to wash my hair.  I didn’t bother this morning because I was supposed to be going swimming this afternoon and didn’t see the point. But now… swimming is cancelled (because the pool is too cold?!?!) and I really can’t be bothered to get undressed and take a shower.  Originally I’d hoped to go to another session at the pool today but based on what the second person to call me and tell me it was off said, I think the pool is shut all day.  And I can’t get through on the phone to talk to them at the pool and find out or sure.  At least…

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    >Sick and Tired

    >I’m sick. Sick of being lied to. Sick of people promising me things and not following through. Sick of being kept hanging on. Sick of having to justify myself to others. Sick of people talking about me in front of me but ignoring me. Sick of people interfering in my business. Sick of being ignored. Sick of being used. Sick of people making decisions for me. Sick and Tired of always being Sick and Tired of all these things and so many more *** Yesterday in the bureau one of my colleagues commented that I looked bored.  I told him I wasn’t bored, I was fed up.  He asked what…

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    >HUGE success.

    >I wrote here about the “society hates disability” experiences I had when I went to London three weeks ago.  And one of the things I briefly mentioned was the fact that the people sat behind me in the theatre complained that I/my wheelchair blocked their view. I wrote a letter of complaint to the theatre about that (along with complaints to Reading and Waterloo stations).  And I received a reply to my complaint this morning*. They are pleased I found their staff helpful and the theatre accessible.  She comments that they have a nation wide training scheme called “showing you we care” that they use to accomplish this.  I find…

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    >I’ve been out and about in my manual chair this afternoon. I noted the time when I left home and when I got back in.  I left home at 14.31 and returned home at 15.16.  I picked a point that by my (very) rough estimate is 150 or 200 metres from my house – uphill on the way there, down on the way back.  In the time I was wheeling I didn’t stop and I did there and back three times. My hands were black by the time I got in.  And I was gagging for a drink.  Otherwise I think I might still be out there now… All content…

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    >I run for life

    >I signed up to do something that might be a little crazy earlier today.  Most people have asked me “are you crazy?!” or gone “bloody hell” or “is that a good idea” when I’ve told them (apart from one dear friend who went “when is it i might join you”). I’m going to do the Race for Life in June.  And I’m going to do it in my manual wheelchair.  And I’m not going to be pushed for any of it.  I’m going to do the whole 5K under my own power. Crazy?  Possibly.  Difficult?  Yes.  Worth it?  Definitely. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated…

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    >I made pizza from scratch this afternoon – another one to tick off the 101 in 1001 list.  It was good messy fun but not as messy as I thought it would be! I couldn’t eat it though because the dough didn’t cook properly 🙁  but the couple of bites I had before I realised that were nice.  Might try that again some when.  But probably not any time soon! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Better left to chance

    >I’ve written before about how I believe that having CP is what is right for me.  And about how if I didn’t have CP there are many experiences that would have been different.  Some good; some bad. There are things which CP means I do differently to everyone else – a friend’s dad once told her in my hearing that she should be grateful because there’s plenty she does I can’t (she has a milder form of CP).  I told him I do everything everyone else does but I just do it differently.  I don’t think he got it.  He made out that he did but he was humouring me. …

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    >”February is fabulous”

    >A long time ago, on a Tuesday in February, I was diagnosed with depression.  And one week later on another Tuesday I received a phone call. I was excited when I saw who was calling on the screen of my mobile.  But I should have known it wasn’t a good thing – because we were great friends but she never called me – it was always text and e-mail with the very odd letter.   Never in a million years did I expect what came next.  She had died the day before. This year marks five years since the day I received that diagnosis. the day a week later when I…

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    >Right but not easy.

    >I  am currently TRYING to spend less time online and/or in my wheelchair.  It is and it isn’t going well.  Yesterday would be an example of it not going well – the time tracker thingy i have in firefox shows I was actively using it for over four hours.  If I’d gotten some of my to do list ticked off that would be a good thing but… I have the majority of my MSN contact list blocked and haven’t been on a couple of favourite sites/message boards.  Those two things being my online time suck extraordinary I finished one book Friday night and have nearly finished (have about 70 pages…

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    >”Hi Emma”

    >I met John Barrowman tonight!!!!!! He was signing copies of his autobiography in Borders and I met him!! Had to queue for about an hour and a quarter but well worth it* He’s still very yummy in person but he looks different to how he does on TV. He thanked me for coming and asked if I’d read any of the book yet . I said no but that I was going to. And a member of staff introduced me to him “This is Emma”. The best part was when he said “Hi Emma” I also met his sister, who co-wrote the book. She told me that she did most…